About Me

ms society_ mariabelen-004My name is Aulden Maj-Pfleger and I am a 20 year old student living in Edmonton, Alberta. I first became involved with the MS Society of Canada when I was 15 years old in support of my mother who has been living with MS for the last 22 years. Since then I have fielded a walk team every year for the St. Albert Jayman built MS Walk, as well as a bike team for the Leduc to Camrose MS Bike Tour. I decided to create this ichallenge MS event because I wanted to do something different and make my impact as large as possible in the fight against MS. I wanted to challenge myself to do something that will hopefully make a difference for people living with MS, both for my mother and every other person living with MS who inspires me to ride. Every dollar fundraised is a step forward in the fight against MS.